Who Are We?

Sydney Whiplash Centre 2 250x761The SWC consists of a group of dedicated practitioners who have a unique and effective approach to assessing and treating whiplash and neck pain.

Our therapists are fully qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists but are quaranteed to offer you a service that is very different from any other treatment you may have experienced.

The treatment model for whiplash and neck pain at SWC is based on sound scientific principles and research based logic but also has the advantage of having access to the MCRU technology (see video of our feature on “A Current Affair “), the only MCRU in NSW.

Our therapists have had extensive experience travelling the world with and treating the professional “stunt” athletes from Nitro Circus Live, who regularly sustain whiplash type injuries as a result of their death-defying feats from great heights on motor bikes, push bikes and other interesting contraptions.

How does the MCRU help?

The initial assessment on the MRCU involves a thorough evaluation of the strength of all the muscles in your neck and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. We recommend that you complete this assessment as 2 separate appointments of 1 hour each if you have a particularly sore neck that is easily irritated.

We then compare the results to “normal “data and can easily tell you if there is a significant weakness. A customized treatment programme can then be constructed to address any identified weaknesses and to restore normal neck muscle function. Each client will receive a comprehensive computer-generated report clearly detailing the results of their assessment.

Remember, strengthening after injury is an accepted and recommended treatment procedure for all joints of the body…..the MCRU finally enables the same principal to be effectively provided to the neck to reduce the symptoms of whiplash and neck pain.