Sydney Whiplash Centre Treatment 250x444How does the treatment work?

Each programme is specifically designed according to the results of an initial 2 hour assessment. If a weakness in the neck muscles is identified from the initial assessment, an individual training programme is constructed. Most programmes involve 3 x 30 minute strengthening sessions per week,overseen by a qualified therapist on the Multi-Cervical Unit. The program is designed to strengthen the muscles of the neck, and the patient is re-assessed after each three-week phase to measure progress. The total time taken to complete the programme and return to normal strength values depends upon the initial weakness….the weaker the neck, the longer it can take to complete the programme.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of each treatment programme varies as the amount of treatment required directly relates to the severity of weakness detected. Following the initial assessment and data analysis an estimation of programme duration and therefore cost can be provided. Reassessments occur as part of the programme each 3 weeks to ensure progress and as soon as normal strength is achieved the programme ceases (i.e. in the case that an individual reaches normal strength in a faster than anticipated time frame, treatment will finish and no additional fees will be charged)

Why are we different?

Most people who have whiplash symptoms will have tried some form of conservative therapy (e.g. physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage or acupuncture) to alleviate their symptoms with varying degrees of success. The Sydney Whiplash Centre is the ONLY facility in NSW with the revolutionary technology of the MCRU, which enables an assessment and treatment of neck muscle function. Any exercises for neck strengthening provided by other therapists involve lying on the ground or holding your own head to offer resistance. The MCRU at the Sydney Whiplash Centre enables a graduated strengthening programme in the upright position, which is the position most people need their neck muscles to work in. The scientific principle called the “specificity of training” tells us that muscles respond best when they are trained for the function they need to achieve (a ”practice” effect) so it is important to insure that a rehabilitation program for whiplash or chronic neck pain includes strengthening in the upright position.